September 14, 2012

Does Symprove Work? A selection of comments from our clients.

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symproveSymprove probiotic is one our best selling product lines and we have recommended it via our Nutritional Therapy clinics for some time. We often get asked by our customers … does Symprove work?

To try and get an answer to the question we polled our nearly 700 customers who have previously purchased Symprove to see if they had seen any benefits while taking the probiotic. Of the responses we only received 10% that said it had no effect on their digestive problems. The remaining responses were positive or had a dramatic effect of the patients lifestyle.

This in no way was a scientific experiment but more an opinion poll on how the product was being received by clients that were taking it for the period recommended by Symprove to reset the digestive system with good bacteria.

Below are some of the comments that we have received back based on actual usage. Although it doesn’t seem to work for everybody, it seems to have positive effects for the majority of people.

“I have struggled for many years with apparently classic IBS symptoms. This has been most often in the form of extreme ‘bloating’ , abdominal cramping, constipation and diarrhoea. I visited doctors, consultants and others and explored diets and lifestyle changes to no avail and was close to despair of ever finding real and sustained relief from the debilitating symptoms that continually interrupted my life effecting my personality, relationships and quality of life. After so many years of the condition I am reluctant to declare victory but I can honestly say that the last 4 months since I started taking Symprove regularly have been the most IBS symptom free that I have experienced in many years. My wife is very clear as well that I am in much better shape all round since starting with Symprove. Here’s hoping!”

.. Brian D Belfast

“I have just taken Symprovedelivery of my second batch of 8 bottles of Symprove. Having been diagnosed about 30 years ago with IBS I have recently been diagnosed with diverticular disease too. I am managing my diet carefully and find that when I take Symprove I can cope much better as I experience less symptoms. I have suggested to friends that they try it too.”

.. Sally

“My husband, who has diverticulitis, has noticed a considerable improvement since starting symprove. He has been taking it now for about six weeks but it started to help after about 10 days – much less wind and stomach discomfort. Rather expensive, but well worth it.”

.. A. Cook

“I have tried numerous products and different types of probiotics but this one is actualy working and I have noticed a significant difference. I am intolerant to many medications and vitamins but I have tolerated this product well and had no adverse effects. I have ordered more bottles and hope to see an improvement.”

.. Valarie

“I have delayed writing a review until I was sure of the results of taking Symprove for the relief of IBS symptoms. I purchased Symprove for my son who has suffered for years with IBS. When I discovered Symprove he was in the throes of a very long nasty attack and I am so glad I decided to give Symprove a go. He has been taking a daily dose now for some weeks and the pain and discomfort have ceased and his appetite returned. I have no hesitation in encouraging and recommending anyone suffering as my son was to try Symprove as I am sure they will not regret it.”

.. Patricia

“Only been on Symprove for a week, taste nicer than I thought it would. Have already seen some improvements, and am hoping this continues.”


“Somewhat reluctantly I tried Symprove a few months ago as I’d read a piece in the Daily Mail. But I have been really pleasantly surprised by the results. It tastes rather barley-ish (unsurprising, given that it is barley-based) but the mango and passion fruit version is easy to get used to.
I have had IBS for 20odd years and must have tried just about everything under the sun, with varying degrees of success. Symprove has ‘balanced’ things out and I am now able to reintroduce foods that I’d not had in years due to their bad effect on my digestive system. I’m also able to get out to restaurants with little fear now.
I’d recommend it. It might not work for everyone, but if you’re anything like me it’s worth a shot.”

.. Mark

Debi-Ann Wrigglesworth Nutritional TherapistWe would always recommend that you try Symprove out for yourself if you have IBS or diverticulitis symptoms, we also suggest that you see your local Nutritional Therapist before starting any new plan to make sure that you aren’t deficient in any vitamins or minerals.


Debi-Ann Wrigglesworth Dip CNM MFNTP MBANT


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